IGN IPL Face Off


Sharon had the opportunity to work as an Event Manager for the IGN IPL Face: Off San Francisco Showdown.  The IGN ProLeague, or IPL for short, is a series of gaming events held by IGN Entertainment for League of Legends and Starcraft II.  The event took place at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, a beautiful 3,165 seat venue in San Francisco.  The League of Legends tournament featured 8 of the world’s best teams competing in person.  The $20,000 StarCraft 2 team league featured 24 top teams from around the world and culminated in an epic best of 9 showdown in front of a live audience.  The IGN Pro League offers a professional, polished and interactive viewing experience to fans of eSports and supports the development of global competitive gaming through a sustainable tournament system that rewards professional players.