Ice Dreams

Ice Dreams Banner

Sharon choreographed, skated and acted in the Hallmark Channel made for television movie Ice Dreams.  This incredible experience included many tasks:

  • Selecting all skating music for the film
  • Editing all skating music
  • Auditioning all actors for skating ability
  • Selecting and auditioning all skating doubles for the actors
  • Choreographing all skating sequences
  • Coaching skating for the lead actors
  • Skating in the movie as several different characters
  • Reviewing the script for technical accuracy

Behind the Scenes:  At one point, Sharon was skating routines off-camera in order to get a realistic eyeline and reaction from the audience in the film.  Sharon had to signal to the audience when the lead character was supposed to fall so their reaction could be caught on film.  After several failed attempts at getting a good reaction, Sharon decided to skate out, perform a big jump and fall on purpose without telling the producers or the audience.  The audience reacted unanimously and that was the reaction they used in the film.

Ice Dreams is currently airing on the Hallmark Channel.